30-31 • USA Pre-Season in Bellevue

                 Tier I: Samurai Sams defeated Midwest Guzzlers

                    Tier II: Carmichael Const. defeated Silverbacks

                    Tier III: Hurts Donut defeated Elite Squad

                    Tier IV: Bash Bros. defeated Outlaws


​                 5-6 • USA Spring Swing in Kearney​
                 Gold: T's 13 defeated Heroes/NZone
                    Silver: Fanatics defeated Lone Tree Elite

                    Bronze: Mulisha defeated Jersey's

                 13-14 • USA Eli's Early Bird in Sioux City, Ia.

                 Gold: Red Stars defeated T's 13
                    Silver: Frank's/Aurora Coop defeated CSE
                    Bronze: Buckaroos defeated Jake's Bar

                 13-14 • USSSA Early Bird in Omaha

                 E Division: Bushmushers defeated Got 1's 6

                 20 • USA Early Bird in Grand Island

                    C/D: Samurai Sams defeated Fanatics
                    E: TAP defeated Stueby's Alibi

                    F: Cornfield Militia defeated EnvyUs

                 20 • USA Gunslinger Pre-Season in Fremont

                 E: Merchants defeated Jayhawk

                 27 • USA Battle in the Butte in Alliance
                       D/E: Chadron Medical Clinic defeated Los Peloteros

                 27 • USA Early Bird in Sioux City, Ia.

                 Tier I: Buckaroos defeated Fat Guys Rake
                    Tier II: Midwest Mafia defeated Jim's Lounge
                    Tier III: Wheels defeated Out of Pocket

                 27 • USA Spring Fling in Lincoln
                        Tier I: TAP defeated Weesel's Kids
                    Tier II: Gunslingers defeated Heartland Haygrinders
                    Tier III: Wake & Rake defeated Elite Squad


                 11 • USA Ta-Ha-Zouka Showdown in Norfolk

                 Tier I: Pioneer Auto defeated Leth's Tree Service
                    Tier II: Pettitt Plumbing defeated Koo-Laid Mafia
                    Tier III: LTE/Stueby's defeated EnvyUs

                 11-12 • USSSA Winner Take All in Omaha

                 E: CSE defeated DCSC

                 18 • USA E/Rec Tournament in Sioux City, Ia.
                 Rec: Ice Cold Pitches defeated Team Do It

                 18-19 • USA May Day 4 Grady in N. Platte

                        Gold: Samurai Sams defeated Leth's Tree Service
                    Silver: We Dem Boyz defeated Los Peloteros
                    Bronze: EnvyUs defeated CB's

                 25 • USA Memorial Day Invite in La Vista

                        Tier I: Hitshow defeated Hurts Donut
                    Tier II: Gunslingers defeated Papio's Most Wanted
                    Tier III: Outlawz Elite defeated Outlawz


                 1 • USA Wheelhouse Tournament in Sioux City, Ia.
                 D/E: Long Lines defeated Cartmill

                 8 • USA Cancer Sucks in Alliance

                 D/E: Postponed

                 8 • USA Coke Classic in Sioux City, Ia.
                 Tier I: Fat Guys Rake defeated Longlines
                    Tier II: Team Do It defeated Ice Cold PItchers

                 8 • USA Summer Classic in Fremont​
                 Tier I: Gunslingers defeated Village Inn
                    Tier II: Heartland Haygrinders defeated We The People


                 8-9 • USSSA State Qualifier in Omaha

                 E: Hitshow defeated DCSC

                 15-16 • USA Hall of Fame Qualifier in Lincoln

​​                        C/D: Frank's/Aurora Coop defeated DBO

                    EF: Mobile Text Alerts defeated Wake & Rake

                 22 • USA Mid-Summer Boom in Lincoln

                29 • USA Tri-State Shootout in Sioux City, Ia.

                Tier I: Omaha's Finest defeated Frank's/Aurora Coop

                   Tier II: Long Lines defeated Team Do It

                   Tier III: Native AF defeated PBC




                 6 • USA Independence Day Festival in Fremont
                        Tier I: Wake & Rake defeated Heartland Haygrinders

                    Tier II: A2Z Transport defeated Papio's Most Wanted

                    Tier III: Outlawz defeated Team Do It

                 13 • USA Fur Trade Days in Chadron

                        D/E: Chadron Medical Clinic defeated Gamechangers

                 13-14 • USA Cornhusker State Games in Lincoln

                        Competitive: T's 13 defeated Omaha's Finest

                    Rec Gold: Mobile Text Alerts defeated Wessels Children

                    Rec Silver: Slim Chickens defeated Josh's Lawn Care

                 19-20 • USA Heritage Days in Alliance

                        D/E: Chadron Medical Clinic defeated We Dem Boyz

                 20 • USA Armed Forces in Sioux City, Ia.
                 Tier I: Pioneer Auto defeated Omaha's Finest

                    Tier II: Sgt Brew defeated Trouble in Paradise

                    Tier III: Ice Cold Pictures defeated Native AF

                 20-21 • USA Greeley Days in Greeley

                 Contact: Cancelled

                 27 • USSSA E State in Omaha

                 E: Bash Bros. defeated HItshow

                 27-28 • USA Nebraska C, D & F State in Hastings

                        C: Heroes/NZone defeated Franks/Aurora Coop

                    D: Chadron Medical Clinic defeated Pioneer Auto

                    F: Legends defeated Dummy Boys


                 3 • USA End of Year Bash in Sioux City, Ia.
                 Tier I: Sgt Brew defeated Native AF

                    Tier II: CC Redz defeated Team Do It

                 3-4 • USA Nebraska E & E1 State in Hastings
​                        E: Live Well PT defeated Stoli's Lounge

                    E1: Drake's Propane defeated Eli

                 10 • USA Northeast Challenge in Columbus

                        E: Schuyler's Finest defeated Josh's Lawn Care

                    F: A2Z Transport defeated Team Do It

                 24 • USA August Heat in Fremont

                        Tier I: JC Fischer defeated Midwest Guzzlers JV
                    Tier II: Rasmussen Mechanical defeated Fire & Ice

                  24-25 • USA ShyAnne Larsen Memorial in Council Bluffs, Ia.

                  Open: Omaha's Finest defeated Fat Guys Rake


                 7 • USA I-29 Series Finale in Council Bluffs, Ia.

                 Open: Omaha's Finest defeated Pioneer Auto

                 14 • USA Fall Bash in Crete

                        E: DCSC defeated Misfits

                 14 • USA OG Last Blast in Ogallala

                        E: Those Guys defeated All State

                 20 • USA Tassel Classic in Scottsbluff

                        E: Mile High defeated All State


                 19 • USA Fall Classic in La Vista
Contact: Ryan (402) 459-0993